How to unsend imessages on iPhone and iPad

unsend imessages on iPhone and iPad

Most of the time, we land ourselves in a situation where we want to recall a message once it’s being delivered, and we all have done that most of the time. There can be many reasons you want to unsend that message; maybe you sent it to the wrong person, or maybe you sent something nasty. It sometimes creates a very embarrassing moment for the recipients and sender. Many messaging apps like whatsapp Facebook provide you with the option to unsend those messages. But there’s bad news for users who uses the imessage application on iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, there is no way to unsend that imessage. Luckily, if you are fast enough, you can prevent that imessage from being sent.

imessage takes a few seconds to be delivered after pressing the sent button. Moreover, if you send photos or videos, it takes more time. In the meantime, you can stop that imessage from being delivered to the recipient. Here follow the steps below to prevent the imessage from being sent.

Unsend imessage on iPhone or iPad.

It’s a very easy process to stop a message from being delivered. But you have to be very quick to cause after you tap the sent button, you have only a few seconds to prevent it from being sent.

  1. You have to swipe up to open the control centre after sending the messages
  2. Turn on airplane mode. (By turning on airplane mode, that message will not be uploaded to the apple server and will not be sent to the recipient.)
  3. After getting the error “not delivered” in your imessage application, hold on to that message and tap the delete option.
  4. Turn off airplane mode.
unsend imessages on ipad and iphone

You successfully prevent the messages from being sent. Most of the time, this works well when you have an image or video. Because these media files take more time to be converted and uploaded to the apple server, in this case, you have more time to stop this imessage from being sent. This trick doesn’t work for small texts cause they have a very small size, less than a kb, and get instantly delivered to the recipient.

Frequent Asked Question

Any Official way to unsend the imessage?

There is no official way till now to unsend an imessage due to apple privacy. But we have heard the rumour that you can find this feature on the next iOS 14 upgrade.

Can I unsend the messages after jailbreaking?

No, we never recommend doing so.

So, we hope the above guide helps you. Let us know in the comment sections if the above trick worked for you. Please share your experience if you have ever tried the above method

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